Web Conferencing (Videoconferencing) and Meeting Tools

Elluminate www.elluminate.com FREE/$$$$ (free vroom for 3 people, $$$ for additional people beyond 3), FREE for groups from Learncentral.org)
Adobe Connect Pro www.adobe.com/products/connect/ $$$$
Adobe Connectnow www.adobe.com/acom/connectnow/ FREE
ooVoo www.oovoo.com FREE (limited to 3 webcams w/free version – 6 w/ paid)
WiZiQ www.wiziq.com FREE
Flashmeeting http://flashmeeting.e2bn.net/ FREE
Webex www.webex.com $$$$ (FREE for 14 days)
Flashmeetinghttp://fm.ea-tel.eu/index.html FREE
Blackboard www.blackboard.com/products/Academic_Suite/index $$$$
MeBeam http://www.mebeam.com/ FREE
Ustream www.ustreamtv.com FREE
Skype www.skype.com FREE
Yahoo www.yahoo.com FREE
Qik (from cell phone) http://qik.com FREE
Yugma www.yugma.com FREE (up to 6 users)
DimDim www.dimdim.com FREE
GoToMeeting www.gotomeeting.com $$$$
Tokbox www.tokbox.com FREE
12seconds tv http://12seconds.tv/FREE (mainly to share video segments)
Mogulus www.mogulus.com/edstreamtv FREE
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) http://download.aim.com/client/68?icid=aimDBLeftRail_8 FREE
Windows Live Messenger (MSN) http://get.live.com/messenger FREE
gomeetnow www.gomeetnow.com $$$$

Bambuser (from cell phone) http://bambuser.com/ FREE
iChat (Macs only) http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/ichat.htmlFREE (up to 4 users)
Twiddla www.twiddla.com FREE
Vaestro (audio only) http://www.vaestro.com/ $$$$
Talkshoe http://www.talkshoe.com FREE
Voxli https://voxli.com/ FREE
Thinkature http://thinkature.com/ FREE
Meeting24.tv http://www.meeting24.tv/ FREE (up to 24 users)
Talkster http://www.talkster.com/ (up to 5 users) FREE
authorSTREAM http://www.authorstream.com/Dashboard FREE
Wimba www.wimba.com $$$$
Google Talk www.google.com/talk FREE
Moodle www.moodle.com FREE
iVisit www.ivisit.com $$$$
Zoho www.zoho.com FREE
AKIVA http://akiva.com/Default.htm $$$$
Studeos www.studeous.com FREE
Userplane www.userplane.com/webchat FREE and $$$$ feature
iLinc http://www.ilinc.com/ilinc10$$$$ $59 a month for 25 participants
Yakkle http://www.yakkle.com/FREE
Bliptv http://blip.tv/ FREE
SnapYap www.snapyap.com FREE
Sightspeed www.sightspeed.com FREE (limited/Plus version $9.95 – Personal; Business 5+seats $89.95 a month)
Vsee www.vsee.com FREE
Mikogo http://www.mikogo.com FREE
Vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/FREE
Flixwagon (from cell phone) http://www.flixwagon.com/ FREE
Stickam http://www.stickam.com/ FREE
Uniqq http://www.ubiqq.com/ FREE
Vyew http://vyew.com/site/ FREE
Stinto http://www.stinto.net/ FREE (strictly a chatroom - doesn't allow webcams)
Copper Conferencing http://www.copperconferencing.com/ $$$$
Fonomo http://www.fonomo.com FREE
Calliflower http://www.calliflower.com/ $$$$ ($50 a month)
Confabio http://confabio.com/ FREE (premium services available in future)
EkkoTV http://www.ekko.tv/ FREE (accessed via your website/blog)
Switchboard http://theswitchboard.ca/ $$$$ ($1 per user per month, minimum of 10 users)
Easytz http://easytz.com/ FREE
Conference.io http://drop.io/streaming FREE
Rondee http://www.rondee.com/ FREE
Kadoink http://www.kadoink.com/ FREE
Foonz http://www.foonz.com/ FREE
Boostcam http://www.boostcam.com/ FREE
Nefsis http/www.nefsis.com/ $$$$ ($70 a month for up to 20 users)
Vidivic http://www.vidivic.com/ FREE
Ineen http://www.ineen.com/ FREE
iSpQ http://www.ispq.com/ $$$$ (up to 4 users $39.95 per license)
Vawkr http://vawkr.com/ FREE
iVisit http://www.ivisit.com/ FREE
Linktivity http://www.linktivity.com/presenter.html $$$$
FreeConferenceCall (audio only) http://freeconferencecall.com/ FREE (fees for additional features)
FreeConferencePro (audio only) http://freeconferencepro.com/ FREE
Tinychat http://tinychat.com/ FREE
Present.io http://drop.io/home/present FREE (fees for additional features)
Palbee http://www.palbee.com/index.aspx FREE
Timebridge http://www.timebridge.com $8.95 month/$89 year
Vokle http://vokle.com/
GroupWorld.net http://www.groupworld.net/ 10 users - $250 year, 25 users -$499 year, 25 users enterprise - $999 one time fee with unlimited storage
Big Blue Button http://bigbluebutton.org Open source Google Code project for video conferencing
BeamYourScreen http://www.beamyourscreen.com $$$ 1 host with 25 participants is $40 a month
MegaMeeting http://www.megameeting.com $$$ starts at $45 a month for 3 participants
Gather Place http://www.gatherplace.net $$$ starts at $29 a month for 5 participants
ReadyTalk http://www.readytalk.com $$$ starts at $49 a month for 25 participants
Spreed http://www.spreed.com $$$ plans start at $99 annually for 20 participants
FastViewer Confered http://www.fastviewer.com $$$ see website for pricing
TeamViewer http://www.teamviewer.com FREE for non commercial use
Fuzemeeting http://www.fuzemeeting.com $$$ starts at $9.99 for a 24hour period for 15 participants
VIA3 http://www.via3.com $$$ $23.75 per month
Instant Presenter http://www.instantpresenter.com $$$ starts at $48 a month for 25 participants
SMART Bridgit 4.0 http://www.smarttech.com $$$
Webhuddle http://www.webhuddle.com (FREE open source software to download and install while the product is in BETA.)
Glance http://www.glance.net $$$ starts at $49.95 per month for 100 participants
ivocalize http://www.ivocalize.com $$$ starts at 5 seats for $30 a month
Lotus Live http://www.lotuslive.com $$$ $6 a month per user
Saba Centra http://www.saba.com $$$
omNovia http://www.omnovia.com $$$ starts at $49 a month for 25 seats
Zorap http://www.zorap.com FREE (limited to 50 participants)
Wetoku http://wetoku.com FREE
VuRoom http://vivu.tv/vivuweb/products/vuroom/ FREE
Scribblar http://www.scribblar.com/ FREE