Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources

  1. Apple Education
  2. E enables you to collect your accounts - on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and every other network of your choice - in one spot, and share them in real life by using any mobile phone.
  3. Mobile Learning Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training
  4. Marc Prensky Blog
  5. M-Learning Org
  6. Mobile Learning thinking: Get on your skateboard to keep up!
  7. The Revolution No One Noticed: Mobile Phones and Multimobile Services in Higher Education
  8. Will at Work Learning
  9. Futures of Learning
  10. Cell Phones in Learning
  11. Mlearning World
  12. Mlearning Bibliography
  13. Kapp Notes
  14. Ulearning Blog
  15. Mlearning Blog
  16. Mlearning Africa
  17. MLearning is Good
  18. The Mobile Learning Engine (MLE) for Moodle
  19. 3D Animation for Mobile
  20. Upside Learning Blog
  21. Derek Bruff’s Blog
  22. Mlearnopedia
  23. Learning2Go
  24. eLearning Roadtrip
  25. Are You Ready for Mobile Learning?
  26. Mobilearner
  27. Ignatia Web
  28. M-Learning: Emergent Pedagogical and Campus Issues in the Mobile Learning Environment
  29. Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Students’ Educational Experiences
  30. Location-Aware Computing
  31. Voice: The Killer Application of Mobile Learning
  32. Mobile technologies and Learning
  33. Mobile Learning Technologies and the Move towards ‘User-Led Education’
  34. Squidoo Cellphone Learning
  35. The Mobile Learner
  36. Mobile Services Taxonomy
  37. The ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2009
  38. M-Learning
  39. Five Types of Mobile Learning
  40. Disruptive Mobile Learning (presentation)
  41. Mobile Phones as a Challenge for Learning
  42. mLearning Wikipedia
  43. 2009 Horizon Report
  44. Pockets of Potential
  45. Mobile Learning Institute
  46. Enabling Mobile Learning
  47. 7 Things You Should Know About Augmented Reality
  48. Duke University: Mobile Devices in Education
  49. Learning Light E-learning Center
  50. 7 Things You Should Know About Location-Aware Applications
  51. Mob Learn